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Phylicia Rashad Celebrates Bill Cosby Release From Prison!!!



Phylicia Rashad Celebrates Bill Cosby Release From Prison
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Phylicia Rashad is the TV wife of comedian/actor Bill Cosby. And, Phylicia is facing a firestorm because of her comments.

Phylicia is facing criticism for her comments

Wednesday afternoon, embattled TV actor Bill Cosby’s sentence was overturned. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his conviction. Shortly, after Bill was released from prison.

Some celebrities are sharing their reactions to Bill being released from prison. His dear friend, Phylicia Rashad was elated. She immediately posted her reaction on Twitter, as reported by People.

But Phylicia’s comments on Twitter went viral. Here is what she said,


Immediately, after posting her comments opposing views surfaced.  Unfortunately, Phylicia’s opinion was not celebrated. In fact, women are outraged.

As a result, of her comments which were in support of Bill.  Other female celebrities voiced their opinions, as well. Obviously, Phylicia felt the need to explain herself.

So, she went back on Twitter and shared this:

phylicia celebrates bill cosby release from prison


In my opinion, Phylicia backpedaled. I would not have held my position. Is it possible to support both sides of this issue? Or do you draw a line in the sand?

Nevertheless, Phylicia’s comments have come under fire. Surely, some women believe Phylicia should be on the side of the alleged victims.

In light of, what happened to Phylicia, would you have sided with Bill or not?

phylicia n bill

Check out the video above for more details.

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