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Paul Pierce Fired From ESPN!!!



Paul Pierce Fired From ESPN

Paul Pierce Fired From ESPN. It looks like after posting himself on Instagram partying with exotic dancers Paul was fired.

Is this the end of his broadcasting career?

Paul Pierce fired from ESPN. The basketball legend played for 19 seasons in the NBA. Also, Paul was a major force on the Celtics.

In addition, Paul won a NBA Championship with the Celtics in 2008.

Shortly, after he retired Paul became an analyst on ‘The Jump & NBA Countdown.” Both of these shows are on ESPN roster, as reported by Complex. Obviously, Paul did so well on the two shows he was promoted.

However, Paul’s professional relationship with ESPN is over. ESPN has not commented on why Paul was let go. And, Paul  has not made a statement either.

Of course, we can only speculate the IG post with Paul and exotic dancers partying was the reason. Be that as it may, it sounds like Paul has been allegedly offered another job, Guess with who?

In a Twitter post on April 5, 2021 Anthony F. Irwin shared this news “CamSoda has made their offer to Paul Pierce.” CamSoda, the adult streaming site wants Paul.

The letter Anthony posted suggests CamSoda is offering Paul at least $250,000. Daryn Parker Vice President signed the letter with a job offer for Paul.

Well, it looks like Paul has not lost out. Especially, since what Daryn is offering is not chump change. Wouldn’t you say?

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