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Afrika Bambaataa. Is the foundation of hip hop gay?

As same sex pedophilia rumors again surface, with Afrika Bambaataa at the center, alleged gay sex rites emerge, including hip hop elite.

Sounds Like Meek Dissed Nicki Minaj In Philly|Throwback

Philly rapper Meek Mill was in concert last night. It appears that he dissed Nicki Minaj during his show. It is common news that Meek and Nicki have ended their romantic relationship. Meek made  statement about women in general. Did ...

Dr Dre To Be Honored At The Grammy’s!!!!!

Dr Dre To Be Honored At The Grammy’s!!!!! Rapper, actor, and businessman Andre “Dr Dre” Young will be getting honored at the Grammy’s this year. Also, he has contributed to producing songs for different rappers such as Eminen, Eve, Snoop ...

Top Five Hip Hop Songs That Shook America!!!

Top five hip hop songs that shook America. Hip Hop has grown from a cultural revolution to a dominant global music genre. In forty years no other genre of music has been able to evolve in such a way. Black ...

BET Award Winners of 2016!!!!

BET award winners of 2016. Anthony Anderson and Traci Ellis Ross hosted the BET award show.The Humanitarian Award went to Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams and a Lifetime Achievement Award to Samuel L. Jackson. Beyonce, Drake and Bryson Tiller won in their categories. Samuel ...

Rapper YG Home Raided by Police!!!

BREAKING: YG’s home was raided by police. Keenon Jackson aka YG is the target of an investigation by the Sheriff’s office in Los Angeles County. There were 4 men who were detained but no one was arrested. There has been ...

SUV in Deadly Shootout With Police Registered to Rapper YG!!!

A High Speed Chase with YG SUV in the LA Streets Turns into Police Shoot Out An SUV owned by Rapper YG was involved in a high speed chase and shootout with the Los Angeles Police Department. The LAPD was ...

Boyz N The Hood

Boyz N The Hood is 1991 movie written by director John Singleton in his directorial debut, and starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Morris Chestnut, Laurence Fishborne, Nia Long, Regina King, Oshea Jackson aka Ice Cube, and Angela Bassett. This film was ...

Muddy Waters – Vinyl Album

Muddy Waters According to a recent Redman interview, Muddy Waters was the album that saved Def Jam. Muddy Waters is without a doubt a classic album on audiophile quality vinyl. The true Hip Hop Head can’t ask for much more. ...

Rapper Meek Mill Goes Ham For 12 Min Dissing Everybody

Philly rapper Meek Mill goes in hard with a diss on just about everyone in the rap game. Mill went in for about 12 minutes straight. Mill was with DJ Cosmic Kev on the Come Up Show on We Run ...