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Olympian Dr Carlos Talks About Inequality In The US!!!



This Olympian and Activist provided a great perspective. In regards, to inequality for African Americans in sports, as well as the country at large.

Activists like Dr. Carlos are truly needed?

In a recent interview with hosts, O’God and SamAnt Dr. Carlos spoke candidly. Some of what he said deeply resonated with me. Especially his take on Colin Kaepernick’s (Take A Knee) initiative.

When Colin took a stand against the police brutality of African Americans it started a firestorm, as reported by USA Today. Up until then, not many NFL players dared to do anything as radical.

In fact, not since Dr. Carlos Olympic’s “fist in the air ” had I never witnessed something so life-changing in sports. It the 1968 Olympics when Dr.Carlos stood on that podium with that raised fist.

That was a very courageous and daring move. Every 4- years since I can remember my family watched the Olympic games.

So, when I saw Dr. Carlos and Tommie Smith raise their fists as a form of solidarity. I yelled loudly. However, Dr. Carlos was stripped of his metal. But it did not stop Dr. Carlos’s momentum.

Still today Dr. Carlos has worked tirelessly to change inequality. This brings me to his current discussion on the subject.

Interestingly enough, when Dr. Carlos was asked about the controversial move Colin made. In his own words, Dr. Carlos shared this:

“I thought it was a good move, until I had to go sit down with him in New York. I told him he was my hero. And his financee said a lot of people walked away from Colin. I told them both, to be an activist is a lonely mans job. Because everyone is going to run from you until the understand you have the depth and the strength to be here. Even when the dust settles.”

Dr. Carlos went on to share with Colin the importance of keeping the momentum going. In other words, he needed to step his game up. Unfortunately, Colin did not take his advice.

The conversation shifted to Jay Z. Dr. Carlos gave his perspective on the business decision Jay Z made to partner with the NFL. He does understand why Jay Z would make such a decision.

Of course, it was a good move for Jay Z to make. This was such a timely piece. Because the International Olympic Committee intends to enforce its infamous Rule 50.

“Under this rule, athletes are banned from protesting on the podium, field of play, or at ceremonies.”  Although, athletes can express political views on social media or in interviews, as reported by the Guardian. Clearly, you can see why Dr. Carlos’s message of inequality is really necessary.

If what I have shared has piqued your curiosity check out the interview. You will not be disappointed. Important to note, the great accomplishments Dr. Carlos had made in sports, as well as the community.

Dr. Carlos accomplishments

Dr. John Carlos is a medaled USA Track and Field Hall of Fame athlete and Olympian. Competing in the 200 meters, Carlos earned the Gold in the 1967 Pan American Games, and the Bronze in the 1968 Olympics. A record-setter, he led San Jose State to its first NCAA championship in 1969 with victories in the 100 and 220. He also set indoor world bests in the 60-yard dash and 220-yard dash at the 1967 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

jay z dr carlo n colin

Check out the video above for more details.

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