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Olivia Tells Us Why She Left G-Unit. Was It 50?



olivia from g-unit


It’s no secret that for a rap clique to be complete, they need a lady to represent. 50 Cent and G-Unit tried to do the same with Brooklyn-born Olivia. However, after assisting with hits like “Candy Shop” and “So Amazing,” the singer did not want to be reduced to a Nate Dogg, off-the-bench assistant role. So Olivia ventured out on her own.

Olivia Speaks

Here are some of her words, taken from an interview with Hip Hop DX

It was just a conflict with everything, being tha rappers and I was an R&B artist. We had no presence at the label and I did everything through 50 [Cent]. I didn’t have to call Jimmy Iovine, I would call 50 directly and we would try to figure things out. He was marketing me as a rapper, and I coulnd’t get mad at him, because that was all he knew. I can’t get mad at him, because that was a formula he was taught himself. We just couldn’t get it right, because we had nobody to tell him what R&B music was and what direction to take me. That was the only big issue and other than that I’m still working with everybody. 

- Olivia

Here is some coverage that we have here at Hip Hop News Uncensored. Enjoy this throwback interview.

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