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ODB Cousins, Brooklyn Zu Rappers Shot And Killed!!!



12 o'clock and murdock

Two rappers from the Brooklyn Zu group were shot and killed. 12 O’Clock and David “Divine” Turner were gunned down during a shoot-out that occurred in Portland, Oregon earlier this week.

Affliates Of Wu-Tang Clan Brooklyn Zu Rappers Murdered

Two rappers were gunned down, and others were injured in a Portland, Oregon shoot-out around 5:20 a.m.

Odion Turner (known as 12 O’Clock) and David “Divine Turner (known as Murdock) were affiliated with Wu-Tang.

According to various news outlets, the two cousins, who belonged to the rap group, Brooklyn Zu were shot, along with three others.

One of the victims was a female that was shot near her wrist. She received stitches.

Another female was grazed by a bullet to her head. Both survived the shooting.

Brooklyn Zu consisted of 12 O’clock and Murdock, who were cousins of Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Also in the group is Raison the Zu Keeper, Shorty Shitstain & brothers Buddha Mond and Judah Priest. They released an album in 2008 titled Chamber #9, Verse 32.

The cousins of ODB were the only fatalities. No arrest. No motive.

This story still developing.

brooklyn zu


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