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North West Stays Calling Out Kim Kardashian



North West

North West is the ultimate Daddy’s Girl. The 8-year-old born at Cedars-Sinai medical center in Los Angeles cannot stop calling her mom out on social media. Queen of the selfie, Kim Kardashian cannot seem to record or upload a video in peace. Between chasing after Saint, Chicago, and Psalm West; all siblings of North West, Kim stays dodging verbal bullets from her painfully honest Gemini of a daughter who bears the personality of her father (also a Gemini) Kanye West.

North is Not for Play-Play

North can’t stand when Kim puts on for the camera even though it is her Kardashian mother’s claim to fame. North is having none of it – accusing her mother of using fake voices for the camera being backed up by her cousin Penelope who doesn’t hold back hailing from the womb of the sharp-tongued and witty Kourtney Kardashian.

Little North Abhors a Fraud

In one video Kim Kardashian encourages others to be concerned about their friends. The spirit of Dr. Donda West comes quickly over North as she replies ” You should be more concerned of your kids!” Kim looks shocked and amazed as North drags her for social media filth.

In yet another upload, Kim says “Oh my god!” God-fearing North West is having none of it. She says “You shouldn’t say that! Basically putting her celebrity mother back in order for taking the lord’s name in vain.

“Walk it Like I Talk it” – North West

Kim responds with overwhelming joy to a flower arrangement sent to her by another celebrity saying ” I’m dying!” North casually inputs “If you were dying you’d be in the grave.” Kim thinks she’s teaching North something when she says, “It’s an expression!” The first granddaughter of the late Dr. Donda West replies curtly, ” I know.”

Finally but perhaps most embarrassingly in the presence of pop star Jojo Siwa, North calls Kim out again for her talk not matching her walk. Check it out here:

The Trait of Righteous Indignation From Late Civil Rights Activist dr. Donda West Seems to Have Resurfaced Within Worth West.

It is unwise to front in the face of this honest child who clearly has a low tolerance for doublespeak. North, who openly admits her father Kanye West is her favorite parent; is every honest child who interrupts their parents’ social graces and niceties as insincere ploys. Is North out of order, or just what the doctor ordered?


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