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No Cardi B Music For Kulture!!!



No Cardi B Music For Kulture

No Cardi B Music For Kulture. Can you believe that Cardi stopped playing her music when her daughter came in.

Is Cardi B a hypocrite or not?

No Cardi B music for Kulture. A video surfaced on social media with Cardi B grooving to her song WAP. Of course, some people are up in arms about this.

However, this can start a firestorm for the New York rapper. We all know that Cardi has made some very risque songs of late. Although, this song is for grown folk ears, young kids can listen on their social media devices.

For this reason, some would say this song should have been censored. Be that as it may, clearly Cardi did not want Kulture to hear the song, as reported by UpRoxx. In fact, when Cardi was lip syncing to it she immediately cut it off when her daughter walked in.

Does this mean that Cardi has one standard for her daughter and another for other kids? Is it up to parents to censor what their children listen to or not?

In my opinion, it is the parents responsibility to monitor what their children listen to or view. However, this can be difficult because of the easy access children have to social media.

Be that as it may, some would disagree with me. Instead, some would say that Cardi has a double standard. With that being said, as a mother it was her discretion to parent the way she sees fit.

Whether we disagree or not, Cardi did stop the song from playing. So, that does show she is concerned about what Kulture hears. What do you all think?

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Check out the video above for more details.

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