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Nicki Minaj Puts Reporter On Notice



Recently, Onika ‘Nicki Minaj” Maraj Petty tweeted about why she was not in attendance for the Met Gala. Unlike most celebrity parents, Nicki Minaj does not and has never had a nanny. Minaj is a hands-on parent who is the foundation of consistency in her son’s life

A New Mother During A Pandemic

Minaj gave birth on September 30th. This means she had her child during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hiring outside help was a potential health hazard. The new mother has been pulling the weight of motherhood on her own and we respect her for that.

She also hinted towards testing positive for OVID-19 while preparing for the VMAs. A fan commented on why they hadn’t seen her out in public for a year. Minaj held that she was doing her part to practice social distancing.

Is Nicki Minaj Being Silenced?

In the push and pull of explaining herself, Minaj went on t tweet about a family friend taking the vaccine only to end up sterilized later to the point where his fiancee called off the wedding. These are people the Queen Radio host knows of who live in Trinidad who were having this experience.

Minaj who is followed by 22 million people on Twitter began trending for her comments. The family friends he spoke of were eventually tracked down by news organizations and begged for interviews. One particular journalist put on the pressure in a way that was a total affront to these private persons. That reporter is Sharlene Rampersad.

Journalist Sharlene Rampersad Tries to Pressure Minaj Contacts Into an Interview

Sharlene Rampersad

Rampersad sent back-to-back messages to Trinidadian contacts of Minaj, pressuring them to give her an interview. Rampersad told the person who reserves the right to remain private that CNN is in their country looking for them and will expose all of their information. She said that they should just speak to her since she won’t do that to them.

Minaj Puts Rampersad On Notice for Appearing to Harass and Bully her Close  Family Friend

When Minaj was made aware of the situation she took to social media and went off as she should have. This was an incredibly invasive exchange bordering on bullying. Minaj posted Sharlene Rampersad’s contact information and told her to “pick up hoe”. Knowing Minaj, she is ready to give this woman a piece of her mind for harassing her loved ones.

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