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Nicki Minaj Possible Collab W Tekashi 69?



Nicki Minaj Possible Collab W Tekashi 69

Nicki Minaj Possible Collab W Tekashi 69. Is Nicki trying to end her career? Why would Nicki take such a risk, Especially since Tekashi is labeled a snitch?

New music with Tekashi could end Nicki’s career

Nicki Minaj possible collab w Tekashi 69. If the rumors are true Nicki has already done new music with Tekashi. Nicki and Tekashi have collaborated on music before. But now that Tekashi has been labeled as a informant is this a wise decision for Nicki? Some people think this move could end Nicki’s career. Especially, since Nicki has not been so popular lately.

Unfortunately, there has been bad publicity associated with Nicki because of her brothers conviction on rape. Not to mention that Nicki married a convicted felon Kenneth Petty. So it might not be a good decision to work with the embattled rapper Tekashi at this time. However, it sounds like the track has already been completed, as reported by XXL Mag.

The song Nicki is rumor to have a track on is “Gooba.” Tekashi was going to drop the song last week. Instead I heard he pushed the date back till May 29th. Truthfully, I am not a fan of either rappers. Although, I am curious to see how both rappers fans will react to this new music.

nicki n tekashi 69

Check out the video above for more details

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