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Nicki Minaj Gets Married!!!



nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj Gets Married. That’s right the rapper married her high school sweetheart, Kenneth Petty this month. And she is so happy.

Nicki Minaj Marries High School Sweetheart

Now going by the name Nicki Manaj-Petty, she posted to her social media account that the deed went down on October 21st. Over a hundred million followers got the message. As reported by TMZ, earlier this summer, Nicki teased that she would be getting hitched in “80-days.” It looks like she kept her word.

Though Kenneth Petty has a very checkered past, his new wife doesn’t seem to mind. Reportedly, Mrs. Petty says that her husband has matured since his past troubles. Only time will tell.

I guess Congrats are in order for Mr. and Mrs. Petty.

nicki minaj

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