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Nick Cannon Gets To Host Wild N Out Again!!!



Nick Cannon Gets To Host Wild N Out Again

Nick Cannon Gets To Host Wild N Out Again. This has been a very controversial situation for the TV host. Surely, Nick is glad about this.

Did Nick have a valid point?

Nick Cannon gets to host Wild N Out again. A lot of people have opposing views about Nick’s comments. It was back in June last year Nick came under fire for his alleged anti – Semitic remarks.

The multimedia group Viacom ousted Nick  from all his hosting jobs. It was all because Nick Cannon made comments that were offensive to the Jewish community, as reported by XXL Mag. During an interview with Professor Griff on Nick’s Podcast “Cannon’s Class” the conversation about Whites and Jews took a wrong turn.

Although, the words Nick used were harsh, some agreed with him. However, for Nick to say that Whites and Jews were “the true savages” was very harmful. At least, those in the Jewish community thought so. And, severe action was taken against Nick.

Additionally, Nick was asked to apologize. But at first Nick refused to do so. Of course, Nick had a change of heart. Especially, since Viacom was willing to negotiate with him.

In reality, some thought Nick should have held his ground. While others, believed Nick should apology. In the end, the Network prevailed.

With that said, Nick re-established his relationship with his employer (Viacom CBS). To my surprise, I found out that Nick did not own the rights to shows he hosted. I wonder if Nick owned the shows would it have changed the outcome of his decision.

In other words, would Nick have apologized for his remarks? Would Nick have sat with Jewish leaders? Would Nick have educated himself on race relations?

Finally, did Nick lose face with his own community for backing down. In this case, it may have been better for Nick to apologize. Keep in mind, Nick could have used less offensive about Whites and Jews.

Also, Nick must realize that he works for someone else, you can’t say certain things.  Overall, Nick did what he thought best.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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