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New Viral TikTok Trend: “Mama Said That It Was Ok…”



TikTok Trend Mama Said That It Was OK
The latest TikTok trend, “Mama said that it was ok” is based on a song called “Mama Said” by Lukas Graham. Lukas Graham is a pop star who grew up homeless being antagonized for his family’s impoverished circumstances. The 5-year-old song has resurfaced as a viral TikTok sound which makes it an instant cultural classic.

The Hook says, ” Mama said that it was OK, Mama said that it was quite alright, our kinda people had a bed for the night, and it was OK.” Participating in the trend requires the green screen feature of the TikTok app: people record themselves and their inspirations.

Here’s How to Participate in the Viral Trend

One woman was shamed for having hip dips in. world whisked away by BBL trends. She then posted the late Selena Quintanilla Perez whose body was worshipped during her life by adoring fans who took her as an idol. Her video refers to Selena as the “mama” that said it was “ok giving her the permission to stand in her beauty as a person with hip dips.
Many of the posts that dominate this trend have dark-skinned women of color giving thanks and praises to everyone from Naomi Cambel to Lupita N’yongo for giving them the courage to stand with confidence in their own skin. Women in their 30s without children are pointing to Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson, and Tracee Ellis Ross as what allows them the courage to be single and childless past their twenties.

It’s not too late!

Alternative eccentric black women walked so that Willow Smith could run. These women are remembered with praises across the trend. For example,  a criticism launched at someone asking ” Why are you so weird? You’re always wearing black!” After featuring one’s self with the question, the following person featured is the “mama” (who can be male or female by the way) that inspired you to stand in your decision. Often times Rihanna and Morticia Adams, for example, are posted in this instance, for being “weird” eccentric, or wearing black when it is “not” appropriate. Are you on TikTok? It’s not too late to jump on this trend and go viral. Give it a try.

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