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NBA Youngboy Was Denied Release From Jail, Again!!!



NBA Youngboy Was Denied Release From Jail, Again

We first told you about Kentrell” NBA Youngboy” Gaulden’s troubles with the law earlier this year. Today, we have an update on his case. The United States Magistrate Judge has determined NBA Youngboy is too dangerous to be out on the streets.

“Never Broke Again” Rapper Fate Maybe Sealed

The judge in NBA YoungBoy’s case feels that his history of crimes presents a problem. The 21-year-old rapper was arrested on multiple gun possession charges in Louisiana on September 28, 2020. Apparently, “concerned citizens” alerted police some people were “brandishing guns.” When police and the FBI arrived, some individuals had already fled, as reported by Billboard. However, NBA Youngboy was still present when the police arrived. He was arrested. The authorities found drugs, 14 guns, and $79k in cash.

At first NBA Youngboy was not charged with gun possession. But he was booked for schedule 1 drug possession and distributing/manufacturing schedule 2 and 4 drugs. Having said that, NBA Youngboy was not released. In fact, NBA Youngboy has remained behind bars until now. So, when this new information was reported the news traveled fast. A lot of the news outlets started giving updates.

It’s not looking good. There are too many incidents with police. In the past few years, alone NBA YoungBoy has been in constant trouble with the law. Let’s take a look at some of the incidents, shall we? NBA YoungBoy’s arrest in Los Angeles and in Miami was probably what nailed some of his fate. In case you don’t remember, NBA Youngboy led police on a high-speed chase. Before police could catch up to NBA YoungBoy he jumped out of the car and ran. Eventually, he was captured. The police confiscated a firearm inside the car he was driving.

The alleged incident occurred prior to his arrest in Louisiana.  Also, NBA YoungBoy, his girlfriend (Kay Marie), and crew were involved in a shooting incident outside Trump Resort in Miami. During the incident, a man was killed and a young boy was grazed. In addition, NBA Youngboy has a history of parole violations. What made matters worst for NBA Youngboy he has been in and out of trouble for several years.

Therefore, NBA YoungBoy’s fate is bleak. Of course, NBA Youngboy is claiming his innocence. And, his attorney James Manasseh believes he can prove this in a court of law. Nevertheless, NBA YoungBoy has an uphill battle fight.

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