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NBA Player PJ Washington Disputes Claims of $200K Child Support!!!



NBA Player PJ Washington Disputes Claims of $200 Child Support!

The NBA basketball player is clapping back. PJ Washington of the Charlotte Hornets is getting drag on social media. Rumors about his ex-wife Brittany Renner receiving $200k for child support have allegedly come to light. But PJ let us know that the rumors are not true.

Brittany’s Alleged Comments Started A Fire Storm

How do these rumors get started? Especially, when there is no proof. Once the rumors start, they tend to take on a life of their own. Then everyone puts in their two cents.  With that being said, we do not know what agreement was made between Brittany and PJ concerning their son.  We do know their relationship has ended. However, people have mentioned the cryptic message” faking it all along”, as reported by TMZ. Which allegedly was made by Brittany. Once again, I must say these allegations may not be true. Although, those kinds of comments are really incriminating if Brittany did say them.

Clearly, PJ was not going to let these rumors continue without addressing them. PJ has responded by saying, “Stop the cap.” Translated, “Quit lying.”  Because PJ spoke out does it imply Brittany is not getting $200k? Or is he embarrassed by the rumors? Does PJ feel he was used? Social media is having a field day because soon as Brittany gave birth to PJ’s son they split up. So people began to speculate Brittany was looking for a payday. As it relates to allegedly having a baby for personal gain. Let’s be real, it is not the first time we have heard this issue. Especially with rich athletes and entertainers.

We all have heard the stories about athletes and baby mommas. Which I truly dislike. Personally, you should never place a dollar amount when it comes to a child’s well-being financially or otherwise. After all, we are talking about our most precious gift from God (children).  Sadly, child support issues are common. And, it does not matter whether the guy is rich or not? There are countless cases in child support court which prove it. Certainly, some would disagree. Whether you agree or not, this is food for the fodder. Wouldn’t you say?


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