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Nas Checks Lil Wayne And Rappers Who Compare Themselves To Tupac! Throwback



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Nas recently shared his thoughts on the state of hip hop and dished out an important reason why aspiring artists should not want to reach stardom so fast. Also, Lil Wayne and other rappers can not compare themselves to Tupac. Here is what he told SOOH reporter in an interview:

“I started to dislike the fact that people were making money, more than liking the state of music,”Nas said in an interview. “I started to appreciate that maybe ‘that guy’ may not be great, maybe he can feed his family now. I started to feeling like that. .. I feel like the young guys really want to make a difference they really want to make careers for themselves and really care about the culture.

Not all of them but there’s a good group of guys out there that really care about it. …There’s a lot of ground to cover before they get to that and they don’t that path to go – you don’t want to miss the dash. That’s a good time. That’s a good time right there. It might be a little scary, it might be a little nervous at times but at the end of the day, once you make it to the point of being around for a while, you’ll appreciate the struggle.”

Overall, Nas believes rappers should be unique. They should focus on their art. And not try to imitate anyone else.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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