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Nas And Will Smith Invest In Teen Mobile Banking App!!!



Nas And Will Smith Invest In Teen Mobile Banking App

Nas and Will Smith invest in a teen mobile banking app. Some are saying that Nas is a genius. Will Smith celebrity cements the deal with a new mobile app. The app will educate teens about money management.

Nas Investment – Mobile app will help teens with financial literacy

Nas and Will Smith investment start-up company behind the app is called “Step.” The CEO and founder of Step, CJ MacDonald believes the app will benefit teens by teaching them about money management. The investment for the mobile app was around $22.5 million, according to Atlanta Black Star. Here is some of what MacDonald shared about the mobile app:

” Schools don’t teach kids about money, he stated. “We want to be their first bank account with spending cards, but we also want to teach financial literacy and responsibility. Banks don’t tailor to this, and we want to be a solution teaching the next generation of adults to be more responsible with money in the cashless era. It was easy with cash to go to the mall, but now everyone is using their phone for Uber and more.”

What a phenomenal way to incorporate money management with responsible spending habits.  MacDonald mentioned that there are around 50 million teens in the US market who could benefit from the mobile app. Also, having celebrities like Will Smith and Nas be a part of this venture is a great idea.

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