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Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Fight!!!



Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Fight

Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Fight. Both of these legendary boxers are past their prime. However, many tuned in to see the bout on pay per-view.

Did the fight make a mockery of boxing?

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones fight. Some sources are saying that both boxing champions should not have fought. Especially, since Mike is 54 and past fighting age requirements. But despite the doubts people had the fight went on anyway.

Unfortunately, the fight ended in a draw. And, neither champ was injured. With that said, instead of Mike and Roy getting the spotlight. It was Snoop’s commentary that fans were more excited to see and hear. Also, former world champion judge Vinny Pazienza score card was a joke, as reported by CBS News.

However, people were surprised that Mike performed so well. Of course, Mike targeted his attack on Roy’s body. It was evident Roy had a difficult time recovering from Mike’s punches.

One of the most interesting things was Mike had not boxed since 2005. I really think Mike was in great shape. Mike seemed to be more prepared than Roy, in my opinion.

Thankfully, the fight was just an exhibition and not for the title. Otherwise, Roy would have been in trouble.  To top it off, some sources alleged that Mike smoked marijuana before the fight.

Keep in mind, these are only rumors that Mike got his smoke on. At any rate, the fight made for good television. Wouldn’t you say?

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Check out the video above for more details.

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