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Meek N Jay Z Send Surgical Masks For Inmates!!!



Meek Mill N Jay Z Send Surgical Masks For Inmates

Meek  N Jay Z Send Surgical Masks For Inmates. These two famous rappers really have put their money where there mouth is, so to speak.

Inmates will receive 100,000 surgical mask

Meek n Jay Z send surgical masks for inmates. Although, the surgical mask are for inmates, prison guards and any other worker will get some, as well. The Reform Alliance decided to send 40,000 masks to the Tennessee Department of Corrections, 5,000 masks to the Mississippi state Penitentiary at Parchman and 50,000 to Rikers medical facility, as reported by Black Enterprise. As I stated in a previous article, inmates have a greater risk of getting Covid -19.

As a matter of fact, some prison guards and other personnel who work in prisons have not been given protective equipment. I really believe Jay and Meek are making an impact with this prison reform initiative. It is really important not to forget those who are less fortunate and vulnerable in this crisis. It would be inhuman to not help people behind bars. I am glad The prison Reform Alliance is spear heading the campaign to help inmates, prison guards and other workers.

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