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Meek Mill’s Album Art Condemned



Meek Mill’s new studio album, Expensive Pain, has been a huge success. Despite the album’s music continuing to be consumed and critiqued, its artwork has been criticized for depictions of Black women that a growing number of fans believe are inappropriate as advertisements for the album have been displayed on buses in various cities across the country.

Is Meek Mill a Colorist?

Meek Mill does not feature women in his music videos darker than a brown paper bag. He surrounds himself with women of a lighter complexion and is understood as a colorist by many in the African American female community. To have this bus full of naked unambiguously black women smacks of disrespect. As if he chose the safer color to disrespect for such unacceptable art in hopes of using the bodies some would argue society cares the least about: unambiguous, monoracial, black women.

The Album Art was Created By A Black Woman

After the display of Expensive Pain‘s album artwork went public, a viral video of a man in Hollywood – who claims to be from Philadelphia – went viral. A Black woman named Nina Chanel Abney created it, ironically, based in New York. An ad featuring three naked black women in suggestive poses, including one who bends over and exposes her vagina, sparked the man’s tirade, who pointed out that they will probably be viewed by children.

A White Man Rages asking Black Women: ‘Is this what you want?’

“Look at this bus that goes by my neighborhood, what the f**k is this?” The irate man asked as he indignantly gestured toward the cover on a public bus. He then asked repeatedly, “Is this what you want, Black women?” Later in the clip, the angry passerby points to the part of the picture where an image of a black woman is bent over with a pink dot signifying her genitalia, shouting, “Let’s not mistaken what this pink dot is. This is disgusting. This is satanic bullsh*t, I’m so sick of this.”

Meek Mill Got The Attention He needed But Has Not Responded To The Controversy

The controversy has yet to be addressed by Meek Mill. He has made his fifth consecutive top-3 debut with Expensive Pain on the Billboard 200 chart.

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