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Meek Mill Wins Nelson Mandela Award :Then Torey Acts Out!!!



Meek Mill Wins Nelson Mandela Award :Then Torey Acts Out

Philly rapper Meek Mill was given a very prestigious award. However, his former collaborator Tory Lanez jumps in his tweet. But it was not to congratulate him.

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Meek Mill is the first rapper to win the Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award. And, this is a great honor for Meek. Especially, since Meek had such a checkered past. In terms, of how he grew up. Needless to say, Meek managed to escape the deadly streets of Philadelphia. Meek has overcome his legal trouble, imprisonment and other obstacles young black men face in the “hood.” Meek has become a very successful rapper, criminal justice advocate, and entrepreneur. Just a few years back Meek partnered with Jay Z to start a criminal justice reform program.



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You would think Meek would get nothing but congratulatory comments on his Instagram post. Instead, Tory Lanez wrote this caption directly below Meek,


Naturally, Meek fired shots back at Tory. So, the back and forth continues with Meek and Tory, which is a little odd. Both rappers have worked together previously, as reported by Hip-hop DX. I don’t think a lot of people were aware this beef between the two was still in existence. With that said, I wonder what happened that put a wedge in their friendship. Could it be recent beef between Philly rapper Cassidy and Tory that has sparked this? Or is there bad blood between Meek and Torey?

As I mentioned earlier, Meek and Tory have collaborated on songs such as “Litty,” “Lord Knows” and, “Fuckin’ Wit Me.” Now, it seems as though there will not be another collab. If I was Meek  I would not be too concern about Tory.  Tory has enough trouble of his own. My suggestion, Meek is for you to focus on your success. Let the haters, hate. Congratulations, Meek.

meek vs torey

Check out the video above for more details.

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