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Meek Mill Wants Out Of Wrongful Death Lawsuit!!!



Meek Mill Wants Out Of Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Meek Mill wants out of wrongful death lawsuit. The Philly rapper is asking a judge to let him off of the case. Mill believes he should not be responsible for the death of a concert goer. Especially, since the man was a participant in the shooting.

Meek is denying all allegations of his involvement?

Meek Mill told the judge he should not be accountable for the shooting death of Jaquan Graves. Graves was shot and killed in a shooting incident he participated in at Meek’s concert back in 2016.  Police reported that gun residue was found on Graves fingers. And, that is a clear indication Graves fired a gun during the melee, according to The Blast. The Grave’s family is willing to settle the case out of court for around $3 million but Meek is fighting back. Meek Mill does not want to shell out money for something he could not have controlled. Hopefully, the judge will rule in favor of Meek instead of the Graves family. However, it is very unlikely.

Meek Mill

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