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Meek Mill Makes Boss Business Moves Like Jay Z!!!



Meek Mill Makes Boss Business Moves Like Jay Z

Meek Mill makes boss business moves like Jay Z. Meek continues to evolve. With his latest venture, Meek has invested in Lids, North America’s largest hats retailer. Meek is on his way to becoming a great businessman.

Meek Mill evolves from rapper to business owner

What a powerful boss move for the Philly born Meek Mill. Meek has changed his narrative by working to change the injustice within the criminal justice system. And, now Meek is broadening his arising by become a great businessman. Meek has partnered with Michael Rubin and is now part owner of Lids Sports Apparel, according to Billboard.  It is obvious that Meek has taken notes from Jay Z who has become the first rapper to reach billionaire status. Surely, Meek is on the heels of Jay Z after this great money move. Here is some of what Meek shared:

“I’ve been shopping at Lids my whole life, wearing hats, fitteds, of course, fitted hats and caps, all types of hats,” the 32 – year – old told BI. “In our culture, it’s been a big thing. So, it was something I ain’t have to think twice about and always believed in, that it’ll work.”

In addition, Meek Mill will lend his creativity to designing his own style of hats. Meek’s hat will be dropping in August. “I have a lot of influence, and I can see things kind of clearer. I would definitely love to involve our whole culture in Lids more, “he says of tying hip – hop, we sell hats, we sell all types of things. And, you know, I have the leverage to actually bring to two together even more.” Congratulations MeekMill . That is how you boss up.

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