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Meek Mill Affiliate 20 Year Old Lil Nizzy Shot In South Philly!!



Meek Mill affiliated 20 year old Lil Nizzy shot in South Philly.

On the Uncensored Truth Podcast host O’God and Sam Ant sadly reported the shooting of a young rap artist from Philly. Nasir Talington aka Lil Nizzy and his cousin Hakim Bey were gunned down around 12:30 last night at 26th and Tasker streets. Talington is just 20 years old and his cousin is 15 years old. This is according to reports on WPVI channel 6 news in Philadelphia. The young men were found bleeding on the street. Both were shot multiple times.

Police say that the young men were on their bikes in the neighborhood. Apparently, they were shot at close range. In other words, someone walked up to and began shooting. Najae, Lil Nizzy sister thinks that the motive behind his shooting may be due to jealousy because he is a local rising star.

Talington is in stable condition but has suffered some temporary paralysis. Bey, his cousin is also, in stable condition. Both will have to undergo multiply surgeries but the prognosis is good. Talington is rap artist Meek Mill protege from Philly. Talington became popular on social media. He made the mixtape“The Chemist” and since then has been creating song. There have been no comments from Philly born rap star, Mill. Hopefully, he will reach out to the young brothers.

O’God and Sam Ant both agree that the shooting in the city needs to stop.

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