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Mayweather Poses In All Gucci And Loses Fans Support?!?!



Mayweather Poses In All Gucci And Loses Fans Support

Mayweather poses in all Gucci and loses fans support. It wasn’t enough for the boxing champ to go on a shopping spree in the Gucci Beverly Hills store, now he is rocking Gucci from neck to toe. Does Floyd really love Gucci clothes that much?

Mayweather blocked comment section on IG

After the champ posted this photo on Instagram he had the nerve to disable the comment section, according to TMZ. Yes, I said it. He had the nerve to block people from putting comments under his photo. We get it Floyd, you are “Born A Leader”, however, what are you the leader of? Who are you leading, and to what are you leading people to do?

Mayweather lose fans with his support of Gucci!!

The Uncensored Truth Podcast hosts O’God and Sam Ant went in hard on Mayweather.  Floyd could have chosen a better way to use his platform. But, instead he supports Gucci? Why not use this opportunity to do what Muhammad Ali once did?  Floyd could advocate for Michigan getting clean water. Especially, since he grew up in the Grand Rapids. Mayweather will definitely lose the support of many people after this fiasco.

Really, Mayweather, is making this foolish stand with Gucci worth losing the support of the African American community???


Check out the video above for more details

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