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Master P Wants to Acquire Reebok!!!!



Master P Wants to Acquire Reebok

Master P Wants to Acquire Reebok. This is big news for self-made mogul Percy Miller. It would be great to see this happen.

Will Reebok accept Master P’s offer?

Master P wants to acquire Reebok. Not to mention that Master P is partnering with former NBA player Baron Davis. As we all know Master P has been very successful as a entrepreneur.

And for this reason alone, I think Master P can pull this mega deal off. However, is what Master P and Baron offering enough? The reports from Vibe suggest this is a multi-billion dollar deal.

In addition, if Master P and Baron get the deal it will be a first. To my knowledge, there is no other Black – owned major sneaker label.

Although this may be true, the $2.4 billion price tags is really steep. Especially since, Reebok who is currently owned by Adidas has not turned much of a profit of late.

Nevertheless, I am personally hoping Master P and Baron can pull their resources together and make it happen. Also, I read that Master P would like to make retired NBA legend Allen Iverson the spokes person. If this is true I think that would be pure genius.

Here is the kicker, Baron is already a great businessman in his own right. Hopefully, we will see more Black men pulling their resources together to make great deals like this.

master p n baron davis

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