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Master P Brother: C Murder In A Fight For His Freedom!!!



Master P Brother: C Murder In A Fight For His Freedom

Corey Miller the young brother of Percy “Master P” Miller was given a life sentence in prison. In 2002, Miller was arrested in connection with the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas and was sentenced to life in prison on August 14, 2009. Miller is serving his sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Knowledge Of Sealed Evidence Has Surfaced

It’s Been Around 12 Years since C Murder has been away from his family. And, it is possible that he did not do the crime. For years, Master P has been tirelessly fighting for his brother’s freedom. But to no avail. And, C Murder has been advocating for his release from behind bars, as well. However, there seems to be something diabolical going on behind the scenes. With that said, let’s take a look back,

In September 2003, Corey Miller aka C-Murder was convicted of the January 18, 2002 beating and fatal shooting of a fan, 16 – year – old, Steve Thomas. Unfortunately, Thomas was at the Platinum Club in Harvey, Louisiana when he should have been home in bed.  Thomas had used a fake ID to get into the club. Allegedly, Thomas got into an altercation with C-Murder and his crew. Thomas was beaten and kicked before he was shot. According to the bouncer, Darnell Jordan at the Platinum club:

“I grabbed C-Murder and told him to chill out. He tried to weasel his way in. And when he did, gunshots, no, one gunshot…Miller stuck his hand under the pile. That’s when I saw the muzzle flash.”

On August 5, 2009, the murder trial began. Thomas’s father testified at his C-Murder’s trial. During the trial, the jury was having difficulty coming to a conviction. The jury was deadlocked but was ordered to try again by Judge Hans Liljeberg. The jury finally reached a verdict. The verdict was 10-2. C-Murder was convicted of second–degree murder. C-Murder hearing was held on August 14 by District Judge Hans Liljeberg and he was sentenced to life in prison.

Later, On August 27, 2009, Ernest Johnson, president of the NAACP, requested an investigation into jury deliberations. One of the jurors, Mary Jacob, said that both she and a fellow juror, a 20 – year – old from Xavier University of Louisiana, were verbally abused by fellow jurors for their decision to acquit C-Murder.  Jacob switched her verdict. It appeared that there was some sort of conspiracy. Because why would other jurors intimidate Mary.

As I mentioned earlier, C Murder was not just depending on his famous brother to get him out. He and other inmates decided to go on a hunger strike. During the hunger strike, Master P spoke out to the media on C Murder and the other inmate’s behalf. As a result, C Murder was able to share his message with the media,

”I am now on a hunger strike to fight these injustices against my peers and against myself,” he said, before explaining the abuse he has witnessed and experienced. “Only in Angola can a Warden be arrested for rape and continue to serve as an officer in this Louisiana Penal System. This Warden has an abundant amount of racism and physical harm complaints against him from other inmates. We need an internal affairs investigation now. We cannot survive or live in such deplorable and inhumane conditions […] Angola is a disaster. At a moment’s notice, we can die for voicing our opinion. But a voice must be heard. Even a whisper can be heard if you listen closely. A hunger strike is the whisper I bring.”

Further down the line, we found out that two witnesses Kenneth and Darnell Jordan both recanted their testimonies. Kenneth admitted that he felt pressure from detectives to lie. And, Darnell claims that he also felt,” threats and coercion,” according to Miller’s legal representation, attorney, Paul Barker. Both signed affidavits for Barker. Here is some of what attorney Barker said,

“”Because the testimony of the two eyewitnesses was the only evidence that the State had implicating Mr. Miller as the shooter, impeachment of those two eyewitnesses would have had the effect of impeaching the State’s entire case against Mr. Miller,” Barker wrote in a memorandum filed on Monday. “Had the State abided by its ethical duty of disclosure, it is highly unlikely that the State would have ever tried Mr. Miller.”

Although, both men recanted their testimonies C Murder still was not released. It seems as though C Murder’s quest for freedom continued to be denied. So, two of his friends and collaborators, Cuttboy G-Dinero and 2Meka Diaz, submitted his case to “Reasonable Doubt”, a true-crime show with the TV network Investigation Discovery in August 2017. When the investigators on the show searched for Jordan and another witness, Jordan finally stepped forward to change his story.

The No-limit rapper has made headline news, once again. C Murder is claiming there are sealed documents that could hold the key to his freedom, as reported by HipHop DX. C Murder’s publicist issued a press release alleging that there are 31 concealed documents. Allegedly, these documents have an illegal DNA cover-up. This new information that has been uncovered might be the catalyst to set C Murder free. The Combined DNA System (CODIS) database, found a match but the District Attorney decided to place it in as forensic unknown. Many of us have suspected all along that something was really wrong with C Murder’s conviction. Especially, when the witnesses recanted their stories. And, alleged evidence does not point to C Murder being the shooter of Thomas. Now, C Murder is asking for a full investigation. He wants the 31 documents to be unsealed. C Murder is in a vicious fight for his freedom. As always, we will keep you up to date on C Murder’s quest for freedom.

Corey Miller

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