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Mary J Blige Documentary Is Streaming on Amazon Prime!!!



Mary J Blige Documentary Is Streaming on Amazon Prime!

Mary J Blige has been an influential voice in R&B music for more than a decade. Her rich soulful sound speaks to the heart of many women.

Mary overcame insurmountable odds

When you hear a Mary song it moves you. You can identify with her pain. She left her feelings and emotion in her songs. Not that she did not carry the weight of her pain.

But there is something in her voice that speaks to your situation. At least it was for me. I have been a Mary fan since the “411 Album.

” Then when Mary’s “My Life”, the album was released her status went through the roof. The songs on that album made the music industry take notice.

Not to mention, Mary admitted it was therapeutic for her. How could someone so young sing with such depth? It became obvious that she had lived what she sang about.

My Life documentary aired last week. Of course, I watched it. Some of what Mary revealed we heard before. However, Mary eluded being molested as a child, as reported by Rolling Stone.

In addition, Mary talked about her issues with drugs and alcohol. In fact, Mary suffered from depression. And, contemplated taking her own life at one point.

In a way, Mary said her ‘My Life” project was the catalyst that changed her life. Here is some of what Mary expressed:

“I never smiled when I was a teenager,” Blige explains. “I think [what] people don’t understand about the families that live in the projects, is that it’s like a prison… people are just suffering…. I remember hearing women being beaten. My mother was one of those women. I carried her pain. I carried the neighbors’ pain. I carried people all over the environment’s pain. And I carried my own pain.”

Furthermore, Mary spoke about those who were instrumental in advancing he career. Equally important to note, not many could have overcome the situations Mary faced growing up.

More importantly, music was a saving grace for Mary. Although, the odds were against Mary it did not stop her. With that being said, I recommend watching her documentary. You will not be disappointed.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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