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Macaulay Culkin Sat With Larry King In 2004 Talked About Michael!!!



Macaulay Culkin Sat With Larry King In 2004 Talked About Michae

Macaulay Culkin sat with Larry King in 2004 talked about Michael. Culkin was friends with the late entertainer Michael Jackson. People were curious to find out if he had suffered any sexual abuse at the hands of Jackson. Culkin was very honest about how he felt about the King of Pop.

Macaulay Culkin admitted Michael was his friend

Leaving Neverland documentary has forced people to take another look at whether Michael Jackson was indeed a sexual predator. While some believe Jackson did sexually abuse children others disagree. On the Uncensored Truth Podcast, hosts, O’God and Sam Ant revisited the conversation about Jackson. This time a interview from Larry King’s show was shown, according to CNN Entertainment. Macaulay Culkin was very close to the entertainer. Culkin gave his opinion about Jackson’s trial and all that was going on in the media concerning Jackson at the time. Culkin only had nice things to say about Jackson.

macaulay n michael

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