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Lyfe Jennings Blasts The Music Industry!!!



Lyfe Jennings Blasts The Music Industry

Lyfe Jennings Blasts The Music Industry. Lyfe was a guest on The Breakfast Club recently. During his interview Lyfe spoke very candidly about his music and the music industry. It was a great interview. And, Lyfe really made some valid points about the state of black music.

Lyfe speaks truth on exploitation of black music

Lyfe blast the music industry when he was asked about today’s artist. It appears that black music forgets the contribution of it’s pioneers. Lyfe admits that Country music and other music genres celebrate all artist. However, black music does not do the same, as reported by BET News. I believe Lyfe spoke truthfully about the state of black music. Also, Lyfe addressed Charlamagne for his comments about his “Slave” song. Eventually, Lyfe and Charlamagne were able to iron out the difference of opinion about the song lyrics.

The conversation with the hosts of The Breakfast Club shifted to a discussion on the current state of black music. Lyfe was clear about where he stood. Today’s hip hop and R&B artist would rather promote negative images of themselves instead of positive ones. Some artist such as, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj are often seen twerking. And, promoting negative music images can be harmful to young and impressionable children.Whatever happened to promoting education and black pride?

Overall, the conversation with Lyfe sparked a great dialogue. Unlike, most in the industry Lyfe had no issue blasting the music industry. In reality, all of us in some way bare the responsibility of what images our children are allowed to see. Especially, since music can have a negative or positive affect on the soul.

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