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Love &Hip-Hop Couple Mendeecee & Yandy Receive Backlash!!!



Love &Hip-Hop Couple Mendeecee & Yandy Receive Backlash

The LHHNY reality TV star Yandy Smith-Harris and her foster daughter are having issues. Some of the issues were aired out on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. However, Yandy is part of the reality show based in New York. Both reality shows let actors appear in either show. Yandy and Mendeecee recommended Yandy’s foster daughter Infinity Gilyard leave the nest.

yandy mendeecee n infinity

Infinity Does Not Want To Leave Home

The relationship between Yandy and her foster daughter Infinity started around 2015. Yandy became Infinity’s mentor. However, their relationship moved from mentor to mother and daughter. As a result, Yandy made the decision to be her foster parent in 2018. Meanwhile, Mendeecee was serving time in prison. Infinity moved into Yandy and Mendeecee’s home. But Yandy and Infinity started having issues. Allegedly, because Infinity would not follow Yandy’s rules. Yandy and Infinity started having issues when Infinity dated an older unidentified individual. This unknown person appeared to cause some friction in Yandy’s home, as reported by Atlanta Black Star.

When Mendeecee was released from his prison sentence he returned home. During the latest episode on LHH Atlanta, Mendeecee suggested that Infinity who is now 19-years-old move into her own apartment. Also, he offered to pay a few months of her rent. Here is what Mendeecee said,

 “You are going to get a job to pay your rent and start to live on your own. We are going to pay your rent for the first two months. We are going to help you be independent and make that transition to a young adult; that’s what’s important. What do you think?”

The conversation went left when Infinity started to tear up. Yandy asked Infinity what was wrong. Infinity responded by saying, she wasn’t ready “to be isolated.” When Infinity revealed her apprehension about living on her own, Mendeecee left the conversation. He admitted, he was not equipped to address the issue any further. Also, Mendeecee felt this issue was between Yandy and Infinity.

Infinity went on to say,

“To y’all it feels like y’all helping me but to me it’s showing up as like, I feel like my biological mom is putting me right back out. I’m just afraid for it.I wanna fix anything I’ve done.”


There are some people who can relate to Infinity’s reluctance to live on her own. We should keep in mind; Infinity is estranged from her mother. That alone can be difficult to manage. If you know what a foster child experiences as a result of being estranged from their biological families, you would understand. Often, children in foster care come from some very horrific circumstances. And often the foster child may have psychological issues with abandonment. And rightfully so. Therefore, it would help if Yandy and Infinity seek counseling support before they ask Infinity to move out.

By the same token, I can sympathize with Yandy and Mendeecee. Infinity had difficulty with Yandy’s rules. And, we only have bits and pieces of the situation. So, we can only assume that was the only issue. Of course, there could be other things going on we are not aware of. Some rumors allege that Infinity was about to do a very incriminating tell-all book about Yandy. But we can only speculate. Unfortunately, Yandy and Mendeecee have received a lot of backlash on social media.  We don’t have all the facts. Listen, unless you have experience with parenting teenagers, please reserve judgment. That is one of the problems with reality TV. When your personal life is on the screen people tend to pass judgment without having facts. We see it all the time. Hopefully, Yandy, Mendeecee, and Infinity will come to some mutual agreement. Being a parent is not an easy job. Yet it is the most rewarding assignment.

After all the backlash, Mendeecee put out this video

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