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Loni Love and Adrienne Houghton Interview Chloe Bailey



Discovered and mentored by Beyonce’ the fabulous Chloe Bailey stopped by The Real daytime television show to offer up a most personal interview. The singing, song-writing, producer gave genuine answers elicited by co-hosts Loni Love and Adrienne Houghton.

Straight away, the ladies delved into Chloe’s love life, which is practically nonexistent and has been such for approximately 2 years. The ‘Have Mercy’ singer confessed that when in love she goes all in, and that being single during this time in her career is a blessing in disguise.

Chloe Bailey – The Quadruple Threat

Chloe Bailey has been able to crank out song after song – written, sung, and produced by herself. The quadruple threat is also an actress on the television show ‘Grown-ish‘ alongside Yara Shahidi. On the show, she plays half a set of twins with her younger sister Halle Bailey, the newest Disney princess.

Chloe Bailey says that Disney’s new live-action Ariel, her baby sister Halle Bailey, is among her top favorite singers. She went on to list Kanye West and Andre 3000 among some of her favorite male artists.

Chloe Bailey, The Beauty from Blerd Planet? (black + nerd = blerd)

When asked what she was looking for in a man, the starlet emphatically expressed her need for a nerd given that she herself is a nerd. Winning the approval of her family and being self-motivated were among some of the top qualities she expressed that were important for her when it comes to compatibility.

Loni Love and Adrienne Houghton wrapped up the interview with questions regarding her mentor, Beyonce’. When asked what is the best advice Beyonce’ has ever given her, it is clear that the Mrs., mother, and mogul gave her so much great advice that it was hard to choose.

Chloe Bailey Shares Wisdom From Beyonce’

Beyonce’ encourages Chloe who is almost old enough to drink legally to be present and proud of herself. The singer has been on the receiving end of much criticism especially when it comes to her perfect proportions. When the internet drags you and Beyonce’ says you ought to be proud of yourself, being proud of yourself self definitely pulls rank.

Above all else, Chloe shared with Loni Love and Adrienne Houghton something reminiscent of Beyonce’s herself when she divulged that what she wants most, is to be happy. Wise beyond her years, the starlet understands that her career and love interests will only ever satisfy her when personal happiness and self-content is her state of being.

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