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Lloyd N Fifty Beef Reignites!



Lloyd N Fifty Beef Reignites.

Lloyd N Fifty Beef Reignites. In Curtis”50 Cent” Jackson book he makes a comment about Lloyd. And, the situation could get ugly.

Lloyd fires shots back at 50 Cent

Lloyd n Fifty beef reignites. The former G-Unit member does not back down from Fifty. In fact, Lloyd blasted Fifty.

Unfortunately, the two former rap group members have bad blood between them. But recently things have heated up considerably.

In Fifty’s book “Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter”, he mentioned that Lloyd was lazy. Well, Lloyd appeared to address Fifty’s comments in a song on his new project, as reported by HipHop DX.

The lyrics in “Stranger Things” allegedly alludes to Fifty.

“When you’re fucked up, behavior turns irregular, quick, sometimes the pressure overwhelms when you’re the head of the clique/But don’t get ahead of yourself, I ain’t bending for shit/Nobody sees your vision until you’re successful.”

Of course, Lloyd went on to say more things in the song. We can only speculate at this point it was Fifty he was talking about.

With that said, Fifty also seemed to take responsibility for Tony YaYa and Lloyd’s “unfulfilled potential” as it put it.

Nevertheless, these two great rappers may not ever be friends again. By the way, Lloyd does have a tattoo on his arm “Lazy Lloyd.” Could that be why Fifty used the reference in his book?

Not long ago, Lloyd took an indefinite break from the music business. His last album was in 2010. In case you don’t remember, G-Unit was started in 2003. Lloyd was with G-Unit for 15 years.

However, Lloyd parted ways with the rap group. During his tenor with the rap group Lloyd recorded 3 albums were released with the group.

Personally, I am glad Lloyd has decided to put out new music “The Course of the Inevitable.” 

50 cent vs lloyd banks

Check out the video above for more details.

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