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Lizzo Taps Cardi B For New “Rumors” Single!!!



lizzo and cardi b

Lizzo teased that everyone would love her post ‘tomorrow’. Well, tomorrow is here and the cat’s outta the bag. Lizzo and Cardi B have teamed up for her new single to be released next week.

Lizzo and Cardi Together Is No Rumor

Cardi B revealed to Hot 97 that she originally wanted Liz on her “WAP” video, but she was unavailable at the time.

Well, it looks like a collaboration with these two has come to fruition.

Lizzo surprised everyone, including Cardi B, when she announced the special guest on her upcoming single “Rumors”.

Wearing a pink beanie cap on her head, Cardi B sleepily answered the phone and was obviously caught off guard.

Posting a video of the encounter to her social media page of her calling up Cardi B, her caption read:


The video showed Lizzo while calling the “WAP” singer, announcing that Cardi B is the artist that will join her on her new single.

In a LIVE Facetime call to Cardi, this is how the conversation went –

Lizzo: “Good morning, motherf—er! That’s who it’s featuring y’all, period…It’s Harry Styles!”

Cardi B: “Yo what the f—? What’s going on. Why you call me so early? It’s nine o’clock in the morning…”

It’s been a couple of years since Lizzo released her debut album, Cuz I Love You. Her first efforts out of the gate delivered hit songs, “Good as Hell” and “Truth Hurts”.

Will this new single be another winner for Liz and Cardi B?

lizzo and cardi b

Get ready to enjoy this new single from these two raunchy ladies. Lizzo’s “Rumors” featuring rapper Cardi B drops on August 13th.

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