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Lil Durk loses Cousin Lil Mister in Chicago Shooting!!



Tragic News Rapper Lil Durk's Cousin Lil Mister Was Killed

Tragic news: Chicago rapper Lil Durk has just lost his cousin, Lil Mister, who was killed. Chicago Rapper Antwon Fields aka Lil Mister was well known in Chicago. Mister was just 24 and was making a return with his new song”Ride or Die.”

Lil Mister’s career in rap was cut short

Unfortunately, the rapper was shot in the head on the south side of the city in the Englewood neighborhood, according to XXL Mag. Lil Mister was a part of the city’s drill scene. His breakout record was in 2012, “No Lackin”. Lil Mister was in jail for some time but was making a comeback. Lil Mister’s cousin, rapper Lil Durk found out on social media about the death. This is sad news for the young Hip Hop community, especially in Chicago.

lil durk n lil mister

Check out the video above for more details

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