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Lil Boosie Sentenced Was Just Reduced!!!



Lil Boosie Sentenced Was Just Reduced

Lil Boosie Sentenced Was Just Reduced. The  rapper was arrested over the weekend. However, Boosie was able to post bail.

Lil Boosie avoids jail time

Lil Boosie sentenced was just reduced. It appears that Boosie was able to plead guilty to a lesser charge. As a result, Boosie will be given probation instead of going to jail. In April 2019 Boosie was arrested for possession of marijuana, as reported by Complex. Also, Boosie had pending charges for a firearm. However, we don’t know if Boosie was charged for having a firearm. What we do know is that Boosie had to pay a $1000 fine and was released.

In fact, Boosie was just given 6 months probation. I would say that Boosie dodged a bullet, no pun intended. I remember that last year we reported that Boosie was stopped by police. The police claim that Boosie’s car was swerving in and out of lanes. I recall that also police reported that Boosie’s car was allegedly smelled like weed. During the traffic stop the police found a bag of marijuana and a loaded mm handgun plus $20,000 in cash.

As I mentioned, earlier in the story Boosie was not charge with gun possession. And, it is possible that the gun was not his but his bodyguards, Antonio Allen. At the time of Boosie’s arrest last year Antonio was in the car and arrested along with Boosie.

Lil Boosie

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