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Legendary Rapper Eric B Arrested!!!



Legendary Rapper Eric B Arrested

Legendary Rapper Eric B Arrested. Eric Barrier better known as Eric B is from one of the icon rap groups in history. Eric B and Rakim changed the hip hop industry forever. This dynamic duo blasted the airways back in the 80’s.

Eric appeared in Bergen County for arraignment

This legendary iconic rapper paid $5K in old fines. According to Rolling Out, Eric had pending charges from a case back in 2001. Allegedly, the police report that Eric was in a Range Rover that did not have proper license plates. In addition, allegedly, Eric drove the vehicle on the sidewalk crashing into a police officer. As a result, the officer was injured. Apparently, Eric B did not appear in court because his lawyer at the time told him there was no need. Eric entered a program (pre – trial intervention) and thought his case was dismissed.

However, there was a old bench warrant that surfaced. Thus, Eric was arrested and has to reappear in court this month. What really happened in this case is my question? How did Eric’ attorney, Paul Bergrin fail to mention he did not have to appear in court back then. And, why did Eric not follow up with the lawyer. Hopefully, this will not hurt Eric B’s career in any way. Especially, since Eric currently acts on the TV show “Blue Bloods.” Eric plays detective Mike Gee on the hit TV series.

On another note, who can forget songs by Eric B and Rakim (Paid N Full), (I Ain’t No Joke), and (Eric B for President). Both Eric B and Rakim have continued to be very successful in their careers. Rakim is a producer. Eric B is well established DJ and he is now trying out his acting chops.

eric b n rakim

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