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Larray: The Race



Larri merrit

With 8.34 million subscribers on Youtube and 12.8 million followers on TikTok, Larri Merritt (born July 22, 1998), professionally known as Larray, is a fixture in the culture that is here to stay. Merrit is currently dating YouTuber Brady potter. The bright gay undertones and overtones of his music and overall message have been a difficult one to traverse when it comes to so many of the parents of his followers. Some are excited about his sexual orientation, citing that their gay son or daughter now has a role model to look up to. At the same time, other more conservative parents are upset that sexual undertones of any kind, homosexual or heterosexual, are being communicated to their children. 

In the song, Larray says of those who made fun of him for being gay, “ call me gay, but your dad text me hey” as if to convey that he is confident enough to be open about what their own family members are hiding. His brazen pride is infectious. 

Larray has shown zero signs of wanting to be an actual rapper but his songs go over as well as any rappers would see The Race Here

The Race can be heard throughout the classrooms and hallways of high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. The song is upbeat, hilarious, and full of bad b**ch energy. Hip Hop fans love an excellent boastful brag on one’s accomplishments. More than this, we adore the underdog. Hip Hop was spawned from a community of societal underdogs marginalized to the point of terrorism. Larray is racially ambiguous but has done several videos with his African American paternal grandmother, with who he appears to have more of a mother-son relationship as opposed to that of a grandchild.

Larray embodies intersectional struggles when it comes to identity politics. Many of his ideas, social positions, and opinions fall in line with modern black thought. He speaks against what we call culture vultures and non-blacks who use the n-word as any gen-x millennial or boomer would. He stood publicly against make-up guru Jeffree Star who has gone viral for saying the n-word relentlessly, threatening the lives and property of black women in specific. The Gen Z rapper has won the hearts of gen-alpha. He spends quite a bit of time with them playing Roblox live on youtube. 

Larray is the wave and the voice of the future. Get to know him, the youth of hip hop already have.  Larray – Cancelled (Official Music Video)

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