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LaKeith Stanfield Blasts Charlamagne!!!



LaKeith Stanfield Blasts Charlamagne.

LaKeith Stanfield Blasts Charlamagne. Of course, you already know Charlamagne is messy. Is Charlamagne still upset with LaKeith or not?

Daniel Kaluuya defends LaKeith

LaKeith Stanfield blasts Charlamagne. In the interview with Daniel Charlamagne allegedly sent shots LaKeith’s way. And, Daniel was not having it.

In fact, Daniel let Charlamagne know how difficult it was for LaKeith. LaKeith’s character in the movie “Judas & the Black Messiah” was very complexed. I don’t want to give away the plot to the movie. Especially, since some people may not have seen it.

The point is, Charlamagne made a snide remark during Daniel’s interview. Charlamagne asked Daniel in so many words was LaKeith’s character too believable, as reported by Complex. In other words, Charlamagne insinuated LaKeith may be just like the character he portrayed.

In my opinion, it was a direct hit below the belt towards LaKeith. This prompted Daniel to ask Charlamagne does he  still have beef with LaKeith. And, Charlamagne said” I never had an issue with him.” Also, Charlamagne said, “I do feel he was born to play this role, though.”

The actor quickly shut that part of the conversation down. Daniel retorted back to Charlamagne, “We’re not having that.” More importantly to note, when LaKeith got wind of the conversation he fired back at Charlamagne. But LaKeith’s comments were taken down shortly after he said them.

With that said, it sounds like neither LaKeith or Charlamagne is willing to back down. Be that as it may, I am not surprised that Charlamagne has made the news with his negative comments.

Meanwhile, LaKeith has sought out counseling for his role of William O’Neal in the movie. Which suggests that Daniel had more insight to LaKeith’s difficulty with playing this part.

lakeith vs charlamagne

Check out the video above for more details.

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