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Kwame Brown Beef W Stephen A Smith!!!



Kwame Brown Beef W Stephen A Smith.

Kwame Brown Beef W Stephen A Smith. The situation with Kwame is heating up. Now, well known sports commentator enters the mix.

Kwame and Stephen have long standing beef

Kwame Brown beef w Stephen A Smith. I had no idea that these men had bad blood between them. However, Kwame and Stephen are in a heated exchange.

Allegedly, comments Stephen made in 2008 about Kwame being a “bonafide scrub” hit hard. And, Kwame has fired shots at Stephen.

For certain, Kwame is not the one to play with. In fact, earlier last week Kwame blasted Charlamagne. You would think Stephen would keep out of the mix.

But that is not Stephen’s style. Here is the kicker. On YouTube I watched Kwame blast Stephen. Kwame mentioned that Stephen tried to out talk basketball player Jalen Rose.

Clearly, Kwame let Stephen know he could not do the same to him. Instead, Kwame would turn the tables on Stephen.

All of what I have mentioned was in a YouTube video featuring Kwame. As a result of the YouTube video Stephen show low lights on his show of Kwame, as reported by the Bleacher Report.

The popular segment “Mic Drop” displayed Kwame playing basketball poorly. Or at least, that is what Stephen was suggesting.

Now, a challenge has been issued by Kwame. He wants Stephen to meet him face to face. Do you think Stephen will answer the challenge or not?

With that said, Stephen had nothing nice to say about Kwame’s basketball career. Of course, Stephen tried to say it was not personal.

Personally, I think insulting each other will never resolve anything. Rather, it is very childish.  Nevertheless, the saga continues.

kwame vs stephen

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