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Kodak Black And JackBoy Beef Is Heating Up on Instagram!!!



Kodak Black And JackBoy Beef Is Heating Up on Instagram

Kodak Black and his former friend rapper Pierre “JackBoy” Delince go at each other on IG. Unfortunately, the two rappers who once collaborated together are at odds. While Kodak was locked up allegedly JackBoy dissed NBA YoungBoy. And, for some reason, Kodak and Jackboy started beefing. Although, I believe Kodak and NBA YoungBoy had prior issues. Nevertheless, Kodak and JackBoy are going at it heavy.

The Former Sniper Gang Artist Blasted Kodak

I must admit, I have no idea what JackBoy was saying. It seems as though he was speaking in code. Obviously, Kodak knew what JackBoy was saying. Because he jumped on JackBoy’s Instagram Live. Both men exchanged shots at one another. Then JackBoy abruptly ended the video, as reported by XXL Mag. Clearly, there is something more going on behind the scenes. Especially, since Kodak and JackBoy were such good friends before Kodak went to prison. What do you think really happened? The conversation went a little like this,

“Don’t hang up,” said Kodak, Then JackBoy responds “I’m not bout to be on this lame-ass shit with you,” JackBoy responded. “I had your password? Yes or no?”back to Kodak, “You was posting on my page,” JackBoy, “Did I whip you when we was jits rapping your song?” he questioned.

Kodak, “I bust your shit!”

From what I was able to gather, Kodak has accused JackBoy of sabotaging NBA YoungBoy from signing with Sniper Gang. So, apparently, not only is “Sniper Gang” Kodak’s label but it’s the name of his apparel line. At any rate, Kodak blames JackBoy for the NBA YoungBoy debacle.

After watching the video on IG clearly, it can only get worst between Kodak and JackBoy. Y’all already know how the story goes. This beef will go on indefinitely. Let’s hope that these talented rappers can settle their beef through music. How about a Verzuz?

kodak vs jackboy

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