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Kobe: Hall Of Fame!!!!!



Kobe Bryant Hall Of Fame Inductee!!!!!

Kobe: Hall Of Fame!!!!! LA Lakers great  Kobe Bryant will be a Hall Of Fame Inductee postumustly. With a career spanning 20 years all the while breaking many records, i believe this will be a sight to see who and how he will be honored.

Kobe Bryant: Soon To Be NBA Hall of Fame Inductee

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According to, there was never any question if Kobe Bryant would make the Naismith Basketball class this year. Also, class chairman Jerry Coangelo assured us that he will be apart of the 2020 class. Second, none of that touches on how Kobe became an international brand that spread love for the NBA globally. Lastly, this will be special because he will be placed in the class without a vote. So Kobe Bryant, RIP and your legacy will live on.

Kobe Bryant: The Facts and Stats

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  1. He was born in Philadelphia, PA
  2. He has 4 daughters
  3. His father Joe Bryant was also an NBA player
  4. He lived in Italy for 8 years in his childhood
  5. He won an Oscar Award in 2018
  6. He played his entire NBA career for the Los Angeles Lakers
  7. He won 5 NBA championships
  8. He won 2 Olympic gold medals

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