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Kobe Bryant Murals Spared In L.A. Vandalism!!!



Kobe Bryant murals spared in L.A. vandalism. Most of the country has been rocked by the fact that a black man, once again, has been killed by a white cop.

Kobe Bryant Murals Passed Over In Wake Of Protest Of Killing Of Another Black Man At The Hands Of A Cop

Basketball great Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash back in January of this year. In the days following his tragic death, gorgeous murals of him, and some featuring his beautiful 13-year-old daughter, Gianna sprung up on outside walls across the city.
It’s been 8 days since George Floyd, a black man, was apparently killed by a white cop on the streets of Minnesota. Protest have erupted all over the place across America and even in other country’s. Black folks are fed up and an uprising has caused a lot of peaceful protesting. But, then there are those who are set on destroying property of business, burning cars and buildings and decorating the walls with graffiti.
Though vandalism has been rampant in L.A., vandals have so far spared the beautiful mural tributes of Kobe Bryant.
Let’s hope the Kobe Bryant Murals remain untouched, ’cause the vandalism is still ongoing.
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