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Kevin And Snoop’s Commentary On Tokyo Olympics is Hilarious!!!



Kevin And Snoop's Commentary On Tokyo Olympics is Hilarious

Can you say funny? Well, I don’t know whose idea it was to put Snoop with Kevin but hats off. These two entertainers are too hilarious. I already knew Kevin has great comedic timing. However, Snoop’s sense of humor compliments Kevin’s. It is refreshing to get a different perspective on the Tokyo Olympics.

Kevin And Snoop Add A Different Spin On Commentating

The two iconic stars teamed up with NBC’s streaming service Peacock. This new commentary series tests Snoop and Kevin’s knowledge of the Tokyo Olympics. The objective is to see if Snoop and Kevin can identify some of the lesser-known events based on just one clip, as reported by People. Snoop and Kevin have the funniest unique commentary ever. For instance, they were both shown a clip from the men’s 10m platform dive. In this event, two men dive in synchronization.  So, Snoop starts with, “Okay, two sets of Speedos,” and Kevin jokingly corrects Snoop, “guesses it’s a “twerking” event.

The playful banter goes back and forth. But the video clip that got the most laughs was the equestrian event.  Snoop was blown away by the horse’s performance. And, he made sure the horse got his props. Snoop said, “the horse crip walking, cuz. That’s gangsta”. Then Snoop asked Kevin, “Do horses get medals when they win too?” Kevin responded with, “No it goes to the person on a horse, which should be changed.” Then both men laugh loudly. Of course, some will have an issue. Because they may think Snoop and Kevin are making fun of athletes. Certainly, that is not the case. Truthfully speaking, some of the commentatory at the Olympic’s were dull, in my opinion.  Especially, in comparison to Snoop and Kevin’s playful banter.  Overall, this was very funny to watch. It’s one of those things where you had to be there.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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