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Kevin Durant Bodyguard Banned!!!



Kevin Durant Bodyguard Banned.

Kevin Durant Bodyguard Banned. We are in the middle of the NBA playoffs. And, tempers are flaring.

Kevin’s bodyguard pushed P.J. Tucker

In game 3 of the playoffs Antjuan Lambert stops an argument between Kevin and P.J. However, Antjuan who is Kevin’s bodyguard pushed P.J.

As a result, Antjuan can is not permitted to work at any more games, as reported by The Athletic. This may have been the first time a bodyguard has been banned.

In addition, Antjuan can not be in the arena at all. So, Antjuan will have to watch the games from home. At least for the rest of the playoffs.

The bodyguard was hired to work for the Nets. It was after working personally for Kevin. Well, this could be the end of Antjuan employment with the NBA Nets.

Be that as it may, I want to know what happened between Kevin and P.J. Of course, I know when playing competitive sports fights do break out. Here is what Nets coach said:

“In the 24, 48 hours since, if it’s a Nets security guy and he’s bumping our player, it just doesn’t seem like that’s the protocol, and that’s what we would expect from any type of security, whether it be Bucks or Nets or Fiserv or Barclays Center or wherever you might be playing,”

With that said, this is bad timing. We are right in the middle of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Surely, this situation is a distraction from the game.

Not to mention, the tension that there is tension between Kevin and P.J. I was wondering if Antjuan will be charged for shoving P.J.

Especially, since he had no right to be on the court in the first place. What do you think will happen? After all this mess will the Nets win the series? Or will it be the Bucks?

kevin durant body guard banned from games

Check out the video above for more details.

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