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Kenyatta Griggs Motivation For Writing Culture Vultures !!



kenyatta griggs motivation for writing culture vultures

On the Uncensored Truth Podcast host O’God and Sam Ant continued their interview with the author of the controversial book Culture Vultures. In this interview Kenyatta Griggs discussed his motivation for writing the book. And , how it came to be that he chose to collaborate with Hip Hop music mogul Dame Dash.

Dash was Griggs motivation for writing culture vultures

Griggs gives credit to Dash because he was the kind of person that did not mind sharing his experiences. Griggs always wanted to sit down with Dash to find out what his thoughts were on the state of hip hop culture. Fortunately, Griggs was able to do a series of videos with Dash. Dash was candid and very up front about his experiences as a music mogul.

The videos that were done with Dash took on a life of their own, so to speak. Griggs wanted to capture what Dash was saying and he thought what better way but to put it all in writing. Thus, the book Culture Vulture was born. This book talks explicitly about how some white men have become rich off of exploiting African American rappers. It is a must read.

kenyatta n dame

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