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Kenneth Petty’s Accuser Interviewed on The Real



Jennifer Hough, the woman who claimed Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty raped her in 1994, talked out against the couple in a new interview Wednesday.

The story was originally broken 3 years ago by a YouTuber whose account was called Nosey Heaux. The YouTuber has since been permanently banned from YouTube and is now available on Twitch.

Major Media Outlets Usurped the Story from Youtubers who Originally Broke the Story

When the story was in the hands of youtube Content Creators there was doubt about its legitimacy. Now that the mainstream has a hold of it, Jennifer Hough has been given a voice.

Jennifer claims that the famed rapper Nicki Minaj has offered to fly her and her family out to Los Angeles and discuss her retracting the story. Jennifer says she has been living her life in fear ever since.

Jennifer Hough Has Allegedly  Had to Move Away From her Family For Their Saftey

Kenneth Petty served 4 years for the attack, The Real co-hosts asked Jennifer if she believes that justice was served. Jennifer says several “goons” on the Minaj payroll have reached out to her offering her thousands of dollars to retract her story.

Hough and Petty were Teens at the Time of The Sexual Assault

Mr and Mrs. petty maintained that Kenneth and Jennifer were teenagers in a relationship. At one point Minaj alluded to Jennifer being white, eluding to the American tradition of white women like Carolyn Bryant lying on black males like Emmitt Till.

Often times when information is presented to the masses of black women like this, we feel sympathy for black men who are falsely accused of rape.

Jennifer Hough Alleges That She Has Refused Bribes From Nicki Minaj and Has Soken To Her Personally

However, it is apparent now that Jennifer is not white and also that she shows signs of severe PTSD. Jennifer who evidently has no media training barely looked into the camera on the set of The Real as co-hosts Loni Love, Jeannie Mai Jenkins, Adrienne Houghton, and Garcelle Beauvais asked her triggering questions about her story.

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