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Kel Mitchell Response To Wearing A Dress!!!



Kel Mitchell Response To Wearing A Dress.

Kel Mitchell Response To Wearing A Dress. One of the stars of “All That” talked with hosts of Hip Hop News Uncensored.

What did Kel say about black men wearing dresses?

Kel Mitchell response to wearing a dress. In case you were wondering, Kel is still around. And. Kel is doing quite well. Of course, it does seem that Kenan Thompson has enjoyed more success. That has not tainted Kel’s friendship with his long time friend, as reported by IHeart.

With that being said, it is undeniable that Kel is really talented. Also, the role Kel played in the classic film “Good Burger we forever be remembered. Who does not know the catch phrase “Welcome To Good Burger Can I take Your Order.”

Which brings me to the topic at hand, when Kel was asked about he and Kenan wearing a dress in one scene in the movie. He simply admitted in his interview with hosts O’God and SamAnt he had no problem.

Although, the dress wearing of dressed by black me is a very controversially topic.  The young actor was not bothered about being asked to wear a dress.

Kel gave his take on the topic, then quickly moved on. Of course, I think that Kel was more interested in talking about his faith in Christ.

In addition, Kel lit up when he talked about his ministry work with youth. Hands down, it is a joy to watch the young actor comedian work.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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