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Kash Doll Allegedly Robbed Of 500K!!!



Kash Doll Allegedly Robbed Of 500K.

Kash Doll Allegedly Robbed Of 500K. It appears the young rapper’s jewelry was stolen out of her car. What do you think? Inside job or not?

Did Kash Doll have insurance on jewelry?

Kash Doll allegedly robbed of 500k. According to Complex, Kash Doll was shooting a video when the incident occurred. The rapper reported what was taken to police.

Apparently, the thief made off with a 50k Louis Vuitton bag and expensive jewelry. She was filming a music video in San Fernando Valley.

After the video shoot Kash Doll told authorities her items were missing. There were no evidence of forced entry. The windows were not broken.

Also, her car doors were not locked. So, it was easy for anyone to get into the car. In my opinion, it could have been an inside job. Especially, since there was easy access to the car.

Who would have known her car was unlocked. Other than someone she knew. Who would know Kash Doll left her expensive bag and jewelry in the car.

Of course, some might be thinking the robbery was staged by Kash Doll. But I hope not. With that said, I would go with the theory that someone she knew stole he bag and jewelry.

On the other hand, Kash Doll may recover some of her lost if she had insurance. Nevertheless, I am sure she will be watching those close to her.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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