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Kanye’s Extremely Theatrical Listening Party!!!



Kanye is the master of creating music that makes you think. After looking at the listening party I have several thoughts. I pose these questions to you all. Is Kanye a creative genius? Is Kanye still in pain after losing his beloved mother “Donda?” Is Kanye pushing the envelope, so to speak? Has Kanye completely lost it?

Is There A Subilimunal Message Being Sent By Kanye?

Of course, all the critics are swirling around Kanye’s new music project. And, it appears Kanye has all eyes on him. And rightfully so. Once again, Kanye has created a plethora of visuals that make you say HMMMM! We could analyze so many things about Kanye’s listening party. This extremely theatrical, for lack of better words, was really disturbing. However, we will each make our own assumptions. Is it possible that Kanye is on the brink of a breakdown? Or is Kanye so much of a genius it appears he has lost it? Any way you look at it, Kanye’s listening party presented a lot of clues to his psyche.

Some of what I saw gave me pause in my judgment. Honestly, Kanye misses his mother a great deal. After all, Kanye’s new project is a dedication to Donda, his mother. Unfortunately, Donda passed away in 2007 after suffering complications from surgery. But clearly, Kanye’s mother’s death has left a hole in his heart. Personally, I think Kanye has never fully recovered from it. This is completely understandable given Donda was taken away so suddenly. Truthfully speaking, can you ever fully recover from the death of a loved one? Not to mention. Kanye does not appear to have any close family besides his children and wife Kim Kardashian West. And, with the dissolution of his marriage to Kim, he could be out of sorts. Although, Kim did make an appearance at Thursday night’s listening party wearing a wedding gown. I’m not sure what kind of message Kanye was sending concerning Kim.

So, let’s get into this, I have only seen some of the performance.  Therefore, my analysis is limited. However, I did get an eye full. Kanye being set on fire inside the replica of his childhood home was different.  Take note, Kanye is inside of his childhood home which is on fire. Kanye is rapping he is free. Kanye then proceeds to come out of the house on fire. Then some men take extinguishers a put out the flames on Kanye. This all took place at Chicago’s Soldier Field. There were thousands of people in attendance. There was so much going on in the performance it’s hard to put it in words. To sum it all up, Kanye came out of the house with his two oldest children (North and Saint West), as reported by Complex. Eventually, other guests of Kanye’s were seen on the porch wearing all black. DaBaby’s entire body was covered in black including his face. The song “Jail” Kanye made with Jay Z was performed by DaBaby. And, people were flabbergasted. In other words, DaBaby vocals were replaced by Jay Z, which was a very controversial move for Kanye. Entertainment today provided some highlights for you to enjoy.

DaBaby rapping n the place of Jay Z. Kanye choosing DaBaby to do Jay’s lines was problematic. Especially since DaBaby has received backlash for his alleged homophobic comments. In addition, Marilyn Manson comes out on the front porch dressed in his signature black hair and black attire. Here is the kicker, Marilyn Madison is allegedly known as, a Satanic worshipper. Which is a clear contradiction to Kanye’s profession as a Christian. Also, Marilyn Manson is in the middle of facing allegations of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse by several women including Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld). Don Toliver who also is being accused of an alleged rape in 2019 appeared on the porch. There was a woman on the porch who I did not recognize. come to find out, the woman was dancehall artist Shensessa. Shanessa allegedly accused Drake of impregnating her. Was Kanye taking shots at Drake? As I stated earlier, is Kanye a pure genius or crazy?



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Throughout the night, Kanye displayed scriptures St John 16:13, 17:17. What did Kanye really want people to get from these subliminal messages? At some point, it looked like some sort of ritual. Again, I emphasize, I am only giving you my takeaway from the parts I saw of the event. Overall, Kanye has done it again. If you doubted Kanye’s musical genius, forget about it, in my Joe Budafuco voice. I often say there is a thin line between sane and insane. What are your thoughts? Stay Tuned!

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